BP #3: Orlando -Not Only for Fun, But for Wellness

Orlando’s Latest Theme Park Is a City for Wellness

Lake Nona was land that was virtually all pasture not many years ago. Development began on this land, and easily could have been a ton of production housing. Instead a man spent years buying all this land to do something with it. The purpose he has for this land is wellness. This idea of wellness will be implanted in just about every part of this production. There will be hospitals, medical centers, research and academic centers, and housing for all the people that live here. Along with these places, residents are offered various free activities, and are encouraging “environmentally conscious” lifestyles by installing things like electric car chargers.

People tend to get the impression that businesses tend to lack moral virtues. Although this may be true of some, it is definitely not true for this businessman building this production on Lake Nona. This man is showing that he functions excellently as a human being. He is not being selfish in any respect. The only thing on his mind is NOT money like most businessmen. His top priority is making life better for others, not himself. He is doing the right actions in the right way and Aristotle would believe this man is being very virtuous. The reason why he is virtuous is because he is showing many “good character traits” such as caring, respectful, charitable and many more. He is having the right relationship with his passions. He isn’t doing what he is to benefit himself, he is truly doing this because it is what he wants to do, and with that he is helping many people. Making people happy, makes him happy, which is the end of all his actions in Lake Nona.


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