Blog Post #3

How to Raise Trillions for Green Investments

This article is talking about how to raise money for the world so that it can go green. It focuses on the United States and China. It is no secret that the world needs to start looking into greener energy with low carbon output as the article says. However this process will not be cheap and the world will need to mobilize $90 trillion, of private capital, in the next 15 years. China has already started to find some alternative ways however they do need more private investors, just like the world.

While reading this article I kept thinking about Aristotle and what he would think of this. He would think that it is good that people are trying to save the world by going green, however he would disagree with how they are going about it. They are giving the rich bonds to donate money to the cause because it will boost economic growth and that way they will get money now. However this is a short term, not long term solution. These people are being selfish and greedy. They should be more charitable, caring, and brave. This is also a business’s duty to want to be green and not kill the environment. Most wealthy people are charitable to other things, but are they doing it for the right reason? OR just the tax right off? Donating to this cause would be a great benefit to so many different people, so this charitable donation without receiving a bond in return would be a great and meaningful virtuous act. However most big businesses are too caught up in the money to care about how they are affecting others and the environment.


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