BP#3: Taking a Stand



The Canon-McMillan school district in Pennsylvania, in an attempt to recoup money on delinquent lunch accounts, instituted a new rule that children who owe more than $25 on their student account could no longer have hot lunches but had to eat a cold lunch instead. One worker by the name of Stacy Koltiska refused to keep working for the school district because of this policy, citing an incident where she was ordered to throw away a hot lunch for a student and instead give him a cold lunch consisting of a cheese sandwich.

I believe this is an example of virtue by the worker as she refused to go against her morals to keep her job. She saw that the school board was using humiliation of students to try and force their parents to pay for delinquent accounts and decided to take a stand against it. Aristotle says that for an action to be virtuous, it must be done for its own sake, the agent must have knowledge, and the agent must choose the act. Stacy Koltiska gave up her job so that she would not be put in a position of being uncharitable, which points to her knowledge of the injustice of the school board and that her action was not done selfishly but was done to make a point against the unneeded humiliation of the students who could not afford the school lunch. While the school district has the right to collect on the delinquent accounts, the burden of repayment should be placed on the parents not on the students who have no control over their accounts and do no deserve to be singled out.

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