BP#3 Clinton’s Dreadful lies. Looking into political leaders moral virtues & integrity


Source: ps://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/hillary-clinton-who-tells-dreadful-lies/2016/09/19/cd38412e-7e6a-11e6-9070-5c4905bf40dc_story.html?hpid=hp_no-name_opinion-card-c%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.7d2b8a7d5794

Thiessen, Marc A. “Hillary Clinton, Who Tells Dreadful Lies.” The Washington Post (2016). Web. 19 Sept. 2016.

When looking at political leaders, we aspire to have someone that has outstanding qualities and characteristics, which include leadership, intelligence, compassion, driven work ethic, etc. But the one quality that displays someones so called intelligence and moral virtue, as well as their moral standing, reflects upon their overall integrity. With this upcoming election, we have seen many issues arise, and many have to do with the integrity and honesty of the running political leaders. I think that the topic of looking into the moral upholds and integrity of of future leaders, is a topic that should be further thought and discussed upon with our peers.

I came across this article is the Washington Post, and the headline of the article is what drew me in to read it , “Hillary Clinton, who tells dreadful lies.” Essentially the article was summing up the several evident times that Clinton has lied during and before the time of her running for office. What caught the attention of the FBI was her mishandling of classified information and preceding to lie to the public on behalf. Along with other lies within the article, it states that after taking a public toll, only 11% of the population contend that Clinton is honest and trustworthy. The most recent incident of her lying, was about her health and the condition she is currently in; which can read about in separate articles. Its time that someone really took a step back and evaluated the virtues she carries and integrity and whether that is fitting for this presidential election or for even being a future leader of this country.

When looking into Robert Solomon’s reading about the basic business virtues, he goes into the different aspects of business virtues, and what is means to be fair, honest, and withhold toughness.  Even though the passage was applying to  business and exchange, it can really apply to the political realm as well. The first aspect of the virtue of business life is honesty. Which in his definition means giving “Full disclosure”. In relation to Clinton, she is not giving full disclosure on information she is feeding the public. Whether if its petty things about her health, up to be dishonest about classified information, she is clearly not upholding this virtue.  This wasn’t a one time deal, it was said that she has been is a strain of lies dating back to the 1990’s, and we she a pattern of dishonesty is her behavior.

Solomon also discusses another aspect of the virtue of business life, which toughness. Not toughness as in strong or brave; this concept is often misconceived.When he talks about toughness, he is referring to how to be “smart” and know how to get things done. He defines toughness, he says that it is not a self interested trait, whether having long term plans and visions to achieve goals. He states that it yields to compassion, generosity, fairness, and trust. Specifically in this reading he brings up “powerful politicians” and how they face dilemma in virtues of toughness and ruthless. What I feel he is saying in all this, that politicians face issues with this virtues, but the true leaders with integrity will be the ones that succeed and carry of the long term visions they have. After looking at the article from Washington Post, sounds like Clinton moral virtues may be on the fence, including the honesty virtue.





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