Clinton’s Candor: Response to her Blatant Lies

We all know that Hillary Clinton has been under FBI investigation for using her personal email address during her time in office as Secretary of State. It is against the law to do so, yet she is still making excuses. To make it worse she was  she happened to be sending classified information, clearly marked ‘(C),’ and is now trying to make the ludicrous excuse that she had no idea what it meant. She claimed that she thought the paragraphs were marked alphabetically, but how can this be true if there were no other letters to mark the other paragraphs? And on the same note, everyone with security clearance knows what ‘(C)’ means. Clinton must have seen that symbol for years with her time serving as Secretary and on the Senate Armed Services Committee. This fact alone is enough to make anyone incredulous at not only Clinton’s weak attempt at self preservation, but at the FBI for buying her story as well. The behavior of both parties show breeches in integrity and I will address what both mean for them and their relationship with the public.

Calhoun writes about integrity as a social virtue and defines standing for something as answering the “what is worth doing” question from our own point of view. However, “what is worth doing” is determined by the majority in a society. When our nation was founded, our forefathers attempted to answer this question. It was founded upon many values that americans still hold near and dear to their hearts today, including truth and justice. This entire FBI investigation brought Clinton’s integrity into question because of her lack of honesty, while the majority of Americans stand for truth.

Maybe this slip in Clinton’s integrity would not be so bad, because after all, we all make mistakes, but the situation gets worse for her. It is not hard to see through her blatant lies that are revealed in this article. We all know that Clinton is no newcomer to the world of politics. After being so involved for so long, she should have no excuses for lack of knowledge when it comes to standard protocol, such as the different markings for “confidential.” Clinton’s lack of candor is very concerning as she is a presidential candidate. It leaves citizens unsure of weather or not they can trust her and calls into question her integrity and the type of person she is. This investigation has tarnished Clinton’s public image and her loss of integrity will forever cause people to wonder if they can trust her.

Clinton’s reputation however, is not the only one that has been tarnished by this scandal. The FBI have seemingly lost some integrity as well. The other American value I mentioned was justice. As a nation, we value fair and equal treatment of all people, but this investigation makes me question the fairness of the FBI. We expect agents that are in charge of the investigation to be able to think critically about the cases they work on and practice fairness as it progresses. I believe that with this investigation, the FBI has lost some of its credibility and some of its integrity. The FBI is willing to stand for justice, but when it comes to believing Clinton’s lies, it seems as though they are not even standing by it. It seems that any reasonable person could hear the answers that Clinton gave and question their truth right away, so why didn’t the FBI do the same? The lack of  cohesion shown will cause questioning of the integrity of the bureau, but unlike Clinton, it does not have an already bad reputation. This means that it will be easier for people to overlook the mistake and view it as the entity is once was than it will be to overlook all of Clinton’s lies.


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