The New York Times Article “As More Devices Board Planes, Travelers are Playing with Fire” by Christine Negroni talks about the most recent problem airlines are having with passengers bringing devices onto planes. The problem has arose with the devices lithium-ion batteries igniting. As electronic devices become more common the number of these devices on every flight grows, increasing the chances of a fire. These batteries catching fire have been the cause of 3 recent plane crashes. The F.A.A is at a loss about what to do about this problem. They have suggested banning the devices on all flights. Cellphone users consider their cellphones a very important part of their everyday lives. The article mentions how airport security is already long and tedious.  It would be impossible to ban cellphones on a plane. This is because not everyone who rides planes has integrity. Many people may hold the belief that banning cellphones on planes would be a good idea. This does not make these people, people of integrity according to Calhoun. Calhoun says that people have integrity when they stand up for their beliefs. For people to have integrity in this case these people would actually have to not bring their phones onto their flights, if cellphone usage got banned on flights. No reasonable person would bring a cellphone on a plane, if they knew that cellphones were catching fire and these fires were causing planes to crash. Banning cellphones on airplanes is a request that any reasonable person could get behind.




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