BP#1 Yelp Helping Patients Choose a Hospital

How Yelp Reviews Can Help Improve Patient Care

Yelp is a place where people can review businesses they have visited and say what they liked and/or didn’t like about their visit there, and give them a rating. There is already a survey that hospitals use. It is very expensive to run the study with these surveys. Using Yelp would be much cheaper. Not only would it be much cheaper, but according to this study, nine of the fifteen things that were the most important to patients that they would write about in their yelp reviews don’t show up on the preexisting surveys the hospitals use. These yelp reviews seem very accurate. The hospitals with better Yelp reviews correspond to hospitals having better outcomes with patients. Patients started gravitating more towards hospitals with better reviews than hospitals with more negative reviews.

Hospitals need to have integrity. Social virtues are very important to patients at hospitals. On peoples yelp reviews some of the things they valued the most were, family member care, and compassion of staff. Staff in hospitals having integrity and good moral virtues is important to patients, and seems to have a link to patients having better outcomes of their visit in the hospital. Yelp has the potential to change health care forever. People can now see which hospitals are more trusting, where they can get better faster, and have a better stay. People are changing to hospitals with more positive reviews on these matters and studies are showing that it is better for these people. Unfortunately, people are forced to go certain places based on their insurance. Insurance companies are all for helping people out, but lack integrity because they are money hungry. Insurance companies should give people more freedom on where they get health care.


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