BP# Revised-Integrity in the 7th grade.

Many of us think back to our middle school days as trying, embarrassing times during puberty.  The days of acne, new body odors, and popularity contests.  For these 7th graders, it was a far worse time than many of us can imagine.  The 7th grade girls in the article, “And everyone saw it” by Jessica Contrera, are going through 7th grade with all the same insecurities I remember going through, with a twist.

Maureen was a girl, like many, who never quite fit in.  She was on the cheerleading team, but not a popular girl to say the least.  Imagine her excitement when a handsome boy started paying attention to her, talking to her every day.   This boy starting asking Maureen for pictures, that she was not comfortable providing-unitl one fateful night.  Soon after Maureen sent the picture to her handsome boyfriend, the relationship fizzled.  The boyfriend assured Maureen that her pictures were deleted and she needn’t worry.

Time passes and eventually Maureen found out her pictures were in fact not safe.  They had made their way around school from cell phone to cell phone.  That is when Maureen’s life had changed forever.  She battled depression, turned to cutting and even overdosed on Prozac to cope with the pain and embarrassment.  It wasn’t until other girls admitted to being in the same situation, that Maureen felt like she wasn’t alone in this embracement any longer.

genz-sexting-webClick here for full article  Sadly, many girls will never come forward that are in the same situation that Maureen found herself in, because of the fact that they might face child pornography charges themselves.  Not only do these girls find issues with personal virtues, but sending compromising pictures of themselves constitutes distribution of child pornography.  At such a young age both the boyfriend and the girls face their personal virtues head on.  The boy in this situation, while seen as the villain, also had to wrestle with virtues, both positive and negative, and popularity as he chose to exploited girls from his school for the appreciation of others.  The boy in this article had many character traits that could be view as negative traits.  He was demonstrating traits such as being irresponsible, arrogance, untrustworthiness, and dishonor ability.  The idea of Integrity as a social issue plays out in this article as we see both sides of a terrible situation, and see them come to realize what is right or wrong from their own positions.  Finally, the school itself had to join the police department in coming up with a solution that showed fair, firm consequence for all involved that was politically correct and showed integrity as well.  Maureen and the other girls have to continue to see this boy around school on a daily basis. Integrity can be described as standing for someone, something that is worth doing. Is the school lacking in integrity for letting this boy continue to attend the same school?   We know that not every opportunity to be virtuous is equal, and that it takes more than good intention to become virtuous.  So do the kids in this article just need a little more time to acquire these skills?  Were they all equally lacking in virtue?  Do we need to acknowledge the fact that this is a new day and age and kids with forming brains, virtue and integrity are going to need lots of guidance so to not use technology to permanently scar other impressionable kids?



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