BP #2 Who’s Land is It?

A wildlife refuge in Oregon was taken over by the federal government. Seven defendants from the state were trying to reclaim land that they felt the government had wrongly seized. The lawyer for one of the seven defendants, Ammon Bundy, said, “Mr. Bundy complied with the law — the government did not. “The federal government didn’t have the right to own” the 187,000-acre refuge that was made a s a land preserve by Theodore Roosevelt.

Another one of the defendants told the jury that they intended to do no harm and felt a responsibility from the Declaration of Independence to stand up against tyranny. The federal government opened with the telling of violence threats the defendants have been giving, with ammunition and guns. The trial will last about two more months.

The seven defendants are clearly showing they have integrity and that they stand for something. These people are standing for what their best judgment tells them too. They clearly have figured out the question, what is worth doing, and have been standing for what they believe is the right way of action. These seven defendants have not backed down yet, and are willing to make this trial last for months until they get the court to see the same route of right action as they do. The seven defendants show clear integrity because they hold personal virtues that are indisputable to them; they are consistently sticking to these virtues, and are clearly acting in a way that correlates with these virtues. That’s standing for something.



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