BP #2 Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces and Free Speech, too

Sophie Downes writes about how their dean of undergraduate students sent out a letter to welcome the new students in early summer at the University of Chicago. This letter wasn’t anything out of the ordinary but it did have a few choice words that Downes or the student body didn’t agree with. It stated in summary that there will be no trigger warnings for classes, in such that they might speak of difficult situations for some students, because that would be coddling the students. Mr. Downes explains that this was not only wrong of the dean to say but also that it was incorrect. It’s not coddling students, it’s simply making others feel comfortable and with the population that the University is dealing with, this  should be more than understandable.

This article shows that the dean doesn’t carry integrity. This is especially true in Calhoun’s idea of having integrity because the community surrounding him doesn’t support this. The students deserve a right to have trigger warnings. With the population being college students that the dean is addressing, he should more than understand where they’re coming from. As Downes explains in the article it’s not difficult or out of the way to simply add in a side note that there might be sensitive material covered in class today. This is a right of students that might need that trigger warning to feel safe and secure in a classroom setting. Although McFall says integrity requires sticking to a person’s morals Ellison did not do that. If the dean of students is understanding of what his students might be going through then a moral should be to stand up for what is right no belittle his advisees.



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