BP-#2 ‘I Want to Win Someday’: Tribes Make Stand Against Pipeline


In the article, ‘I Want to Win Someday’: Tribes Make Stand Against Pipeline, Jack Healy of the New York Times writes about the point of view Native Americans have on the oil pipeline being built in North Dakota.  He writes about how this pipeline and the problems that could arise if the pipeline were to burst, reminds Native Americans about the flooding that displaced families and ruined their culture in the area.  Healy adds, “And residents like Ms. Bailey say the pipeline battle has dredged up old memories and feelings about lost lands and broken treaties with the United States government, as well as their worries about the future of land and water they hold sacred.”

Native Americans are taking a stand against big business, the Federal Government and the American people.  They are standing for a cause that they hold very dear and sacred, the security and sanctity of water.  Native Americans show a massive amount of integrity when dealing with this issue.  Their beliefs and way of life are being attacked and they are standing up for what they believe to be right.  Throughout history Native Americans have been discriminated against from displacement to assimilation.  Is the construction of this pipeline any different?

The way that Native Americans view this issue from and integrity standpoint is that it is embedded in social virtue.  They are looking out for the common good of their people and not taking it on for one’s own personal agenda or gain.  What about the point of view of the Federal Government or the company building the pipeline?  Could it be stated that both of these groups are upholding a code of ethics also?  I believe that Energy Transfer Partners thinks it is doing the right thing from the agreements it has in place with the land owners.  I’m sure they as a company believe it is showing integrity by not breaking contracts or defaulting on plans.  I would like to add though, is a company showing integrity if it works by the guidelines that are initially set up in its agreements and contracts while knowingly upsetting a people and its culture that has been discriminated against for many decades?


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