BP #2 House Thieves Leave Poorly Written Notes Behind

When a person steals, they usually try to get away as fast as possible at any cost, right? That’s what most people would think, but that is not always the case. A home in Houston, Texas was broken into and their burglars did things a bit differently.


The burglars that stole from Joseph Alvarado’s home left a letter behind telling why they stole as well as what they stole. The handwriting in the letter seemed to belong to a child with misspelled words to make it even better. Why the burglars did this in addition to who did this is up in the air as they try to match any suspects to the crime. The Play Station 3, games and computer that were taken seem to match the level of importance even more after reading the rest of the letter. The text in the letter that was left behind read ” I stole your “suffe” because my brother told me to” as well as “I broke in… haha and took your PS3, controllers, games and computer… by: a kid haha.” It seems that it is narrowed-down to the doing of a child, but maybe it’s a trick of the mind.

In class recently, integrity has been the topic of discussion as we dissect the true meaning of it and this case definitely ties in to it. The fact that this kid (assuming) broke into this house with his brother, stole these items and wrote a letter, pose a few questions. Did the kids feel guilty already? Did they do it to poke fun? Is it because their parents told them to always tell the truth, so they told most of it? And since these boys left the letter, explaining what they stole and why it was done, depict any kind of integrity? The kids knew that they did something wrong, and although they did not reveal themselves fully at the time, according to McFall’s theory, these boys MAY be on the right track to living a life full of integrity.





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