BP #2

For my second blog post I found an article from the New York Times which involves some of America’s highly revered athletes, and Russian hackers. So, what happened was that hackers from Russia, possibly the same ones that hacked the DNC, hacked into the World Anti-Doping Agency’s database and looked at the medical records of some of our athletes from the United States have been taking some sort of drug that is supposed to be banned for all athletes. The three athletes were Simone Biles the U.S. gymnast and the Williams sisters who rule the tennis court. The Anti-Doping agency confirmed that they were all taking some sort of banned drug, but had filled out the right paperwork and gone through all the process so it was 100% known that these athletes were taking some sort of drug. They did not release what kind of drugs they were because of privacy reasons, and all of the athletes have said that it is just prescription drugs for everyday issues. However, we will never know for sure what drugs that they have all been taking and whether those drugs were just used to enhance their performance. Right now each of these athletes’ integrity is being put to question. If these athletes are taking drugs on purpose just to give them an upper edge they might be seen as a person lacking integrity. Them and every other athlete that is part of the international sports community all know the things that are seen as bad and unfair, they are all co-deliberators that know what the right things and wrong things are. If the American athletes decided to change their core values and make an exception for themselves that would show inconsistency and incoherence which would show they lack integrity. However, we do not know enough information yet to make those judgements until more information is released.


By: Isaac Lippert

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/14/sports/simone-biles-serena-venus-williams-russian-hackers-doping.html?ref=international


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