BP#2 North Dakota Pipeline

After my first blog post a lot more information was brought to my attention. The pipeline construction was set to laid down near ancient burial grounds of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe of the and under the Mississippi River. The Native American Tribe is worried that a leak may occur and contaminate the burial grounds and poison their fresh water source. We as in those who originally shared their land have already taken so much from them to build our own empire. Native Americans are set to live freely under treaties that our government agreed upon with the Natives. We are the intruders on their land and it would be morally wrong of anyone to infringe upon their rights. A leak in the pipeline would also have crushing effects on the Mississippi River, which is a fresh water source for many people who live along it.

The Tribe has received support from people all around the U.S including other Native American Tribes, Environmentalist, and your average day citizen like me. If I could be there to physically show my support I would be, but I still support them from here. The support that this tribe is receiving from others is loving, caring, and the right thing to do. The Ojibwe tribe is ready to help build lodges that can withstand the harsh cold weather during the cold months of winter if necessary. More importantly the Obama administration and Bernie Sanders himself are stepping up to help the Standing Rock Sioux to stop the construction of the pipeline, but that leads to the next problem. With the election coming up soon Donald Trump has personally said himself that he would allow the pipeline to be constructed where it stands. without going too far on a tangent I personally don’t like Mr. Trump and the fact that he’s not considering changing the route of the pipeline or trying to find a different solution for transporting oil tells me that he’s selfish and doesn’t hold any integrity with anyone but himself and his followers. Donald Trump is wrong for not considering the harm that this may bring on those it could affect, and not trying to fix this so that everyone can win. “Our Indigenous have been warning us for 500 years that the destruction of Mother Earth is going to come back and it’s going to harm us” said by David Archambault the tribal chair man of the Standing Rock Sioux. As human beings and trying to advance our species we don’t think about the harm that we have on our beautiful planet. There is no way to reverse the damage we cause to our home and its about that time where our environment and the effect we have on it needs to start being considered. If we don’t start now will we ever start and what happens if we reach the point of no return to save our world?

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