BP#2 Revised

Bribery is a huge issue no matter where you are, especially in our government system. When I think of bribery happening, I think of the justice system, not the education system so this article really surprised me. In China, the only way to get into a university is by passing the Gaokao with an extremely high score and that is all, no ACT score or extra activities or leadership positions, just that one test score. A lot of people, like me, do not test well under pressure leaving a great majority out of the universities that could really make a difference in the world one day. That is how the young people China felt when it was time to enter the college education system. Admission directors have ignored their integrity for money in China by accepting bribery to allow students into the university despite their Gaokao scores. According to McFall, integrity has to be three things: consistent, have coherence and coherence has to be intentional. A person with integrity has to have these kinds of beliefs: beliefs that are difficult to uphold in the face of temptation and any responsible and reasonable person could take them to be important and the beliefs have to be difficult to uphold. The admission directors have been pressured by wealth, which is a temptation, which means they ignored their integrity and do not have the proper beliefs to have integrity. According to Calhoun, integrity is a social virtue just like honesty and fairness, the admission directors were not being honest and fair to all the other students when they accepted the bribery therefore they did not demonstrate the value of integrity. Calhoun also had three beliefs that a person with integrity should have. Those are having a proper relationship to others, standing for something that you believe everyone should stand for and being the best person in the community that you can be. I agree with the action being done to the admissions directors to the universities that admitted to taking bribes. Yuan Guiren has been trying to take the right steps to stop the corruption from happening again in the education system. He has been trying hard to bring more diversity to the universities in China so less families will will their children to America to avoid the China education system all together. Yuan Guiren is trying to being consistently to the education selection process which is in the right steps to show integrity.


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