BP #2 Revised

39621045_-_24_08_2016_-_samsung_elec-smartphones_1Samsung recently recalled the Galaxy Note 7 due to some faulty batteries exploding while charging. This has led to a large distrust in the company as well as worry in the consumer audience. The Consumer Product Safety Commission have warned people against charging or even using their phones on planes. The Galaxy Note 7 was a highly advertised phone set to compete with the iPhone 7 that was just recently released. In order to provide replacement phones in many areas an investigation must be completed by safety regulators. They plan to replace some of their current ads with apologies to their consumers. It seems that Galaxy is losing a lot of customers due to the recall and the amount of time taken to replace the phones.  The cost of this recall is estimated to be about $1 billion. The hard part is going to be re-gaining consumer trust. The brand is consulting the media throughout the process which is important in a scenario like this. I chose this article because the way a company reacts in a scenario like this reflects the integrity of the company. McFall defines integrity of consisting 3 traits: (1) Consistency, (2) Coherence of belief and action & (3) Coherence must be intentional. Calhoun argued that integrity is a social virtue- and that it is about standing for something. Trust is considered a mixed virtue because there is trust in yourself as well as trust in other people. Calhoun talks about how a virtue should have proper relation to others and self. Another way you could say this is to have everything line up. Consistency is important. Samsung claimed that the Galaxy Note 7 was a very high end, reliable product in their advertisements. Later it was found that some of them had faulty batteries that could be potentially dangerous. In this case what Samsung advertised was not consistent with the product itself which is exactly the opposite of what McFall and Calhoun require of a person of integrity. In class we discussed how if there is no coherence of belief and action it leads to a lack of trust. If someone is to say one thing and do another their actions will speak louder than their words and they become unpredictable. Unpredictability makes people uncomfortable and hesitant to trust. This is exactly what happened with Samsung. They told the consumers that the product was of higher quality than it actually was. Many consumers are losing trust in Samsung and looking to other companies like Apple because they can predict what they are getting and have not yet lost trust in other brands. The integrity of the company was compromised when their product failed to fulfill what it had promised.

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2 thoughts on “BP #2 Revised

  1. I agree that the distrust with this company will rise immensely. I cannot believe the batteries are exploding! Great topic to focus on since our lives revolve around technology. The testing needed to issue the recall seems a bit redundant. If someone’s battery exploded while charging it at an airport, next to a sleeping child, or in class they will have bigger issues than replacements of advertising and defected phones. Again, great blog post.

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  2. From working in the mobile phone industry, this has made my job harder than it already is with pleasing angry customers. Samsung has been trying to work with us, but producing all new replacement devices for 64 out of 2.4 million seems asinine. Seeing how Samsung has been dealing with their customers and carriers has opened my eyes from the production standpoint. Get it right the first time, or have Apple come and take your shine. Samsung knows they messed up, but needs to do a better job at fixing the problem.

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