BP #2


Michigan Prosecutors Defy the Supreme Court

The article is talking about how the Supreme Court passed a ruling in 2012 banning mandatory life- without parole sentences for juveniles in homicide cases. The reason they banned it was because juvenile’s brains and bodies are not fully developed and their intellectual thinking can be skewed. Michigan prosecutors however are ignoring this ruling and are still sentencing juveniles to life. At the end of the article a former prosecutor said that that the federal judges need to start forcing Michigan to comply.

This article reminded me of the two readings that we did, the one with McFall wrote, and then the one Calhoun wrote. After reading this article I realized that the judges in this article align more with the one Calhoun wrote. Firstly there is obviously some core moral values that are being put to the test here. Some being don’t murder, but also being fair and doing the right thing. Because the juveniles are not fully developed some might not understand what they are doing is wrong. However Homicide is bad and people need to be punished. That is exactly what this article is talking about and that is why it aligns with Calhoun’s article more than McFall’s; because they are pushing their beliefs onto other people and making more of a external change. These judges are standing for something not just by something. However McFall’s article makes more sense when we talk about the prosecutors. Because they will not change their core moral values even though there is social pressure, and judicial pressure, on them to do so.


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