BP #2: Planned Parenthood

Source: The New York Times

Planned Parenthood is largely federally funded (Title X Family Planning Program) for contraception, cancer screenings, and STD testing, but there is one area of Planned Parenthood that the federal government won’t touch: abortions. State and local governments provide the money for the abortion services that Planned Parenthood offers, but many states have cut their funding for these services.

The Department of Health and Human Services has proposed a rule that could stop states and local governments from cutting spending to the services (mainly to avoid cutting to abortion services) Planned Parenthood offers. The proposal states: “State governments must apportion [divide] Title X funds based on a provider’s ability to perform family planning services effectively.”

The issue that surrounds Planned Parenthood really shouldn’t be about whether or not a person is pro-choice or pro-life, the issue should really be reflected upon the people who are using Planned Parenthood and what happens to them when they can no longer use free to little pay services.

This really boils down to a test of moral identity and integrity. The right and wrong of helping individuals who can’t help the situations they are forced into. By cutting funding of Planned Parenthood services, reflects on the integrity of the state or local government by relaying the message that they don’t really care what happens to those individuals who can’t afford everyday health care options.

And with most funding of controversial programs, this seems to be the prevalent issue. Those with money and power put their beliefs foremost with neglect to realizing the impact that their decisions have, but with the ability to change that thinking would come with a change in moral character. An individual would have to realize that just because they believe one thing (pro-life or pro-choice), does not necessarily mean that their actions always have to be in alignment if it will help individuals who can’t afford help otherwise, which can be another aspect of an individual’s moral character; goodwill.

With a program that offers a multitude of family services, they are one of the last programs that should have funding cut because why should we cut the help when an individual may need it the most?



One thought on “BP #2: Planned Parenthood

  1. I typically tend to lean more to the right when it comes to government funding, but I agree this is an issue that should be funded among many other things that the government pays for.

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