BP#2 [Revised] A dictatorship with a democratic label



A couple of days ago on September the 3rd President Nicolas Maduro arrived at the island of margarita on an official trip to give away some of the houses the socialism had built, the way the people of this town received the president was of total disapproval, something never seen since this town was red (socialist), but now the tables have turned and the people were just hungry and wanted a solution for the problem. Making the president to retire from the town as quickly as possible.
Hours later the president accused one of the opposition leaders called Henrique Capriles who supposedly got all these people together and protest against him while everything was broadcast on the public TV. He then declared that there were at least 20 people detain and he called “vampires” for those who are in violence.
Days before this happened on September 1st, opposition leaders of Venezuela did the biggest protest so far for this year, they called it “the taking of Caracas”. Thousands of Venezuelans arrived at the capital of Caracas from all around the country with enthusiasm, screaming, singing and frustrated at the current government because of all the chronic shortages in food and medicine that the country is facing. All that the people wanted was a referendum to take down from office the actual president Nicolas Maduro and for a better future.
The reason why the protest ended up happening on September 1st was because a month ago the president of the CNE (Consejo Nacional electoral / Nacional electoral council) declare in a national broadcast that the elections are impossible to occur in 2016 but it would be just right to occur in 2017.

While the president of Venezuelan is applying an authoritarian state, the Venezuelan people feel that there is a loss of control of the actual president. Making whatever he says into lies wich convert him into a valueless individual and someone without integrity, this same applies to the CNE who’so the only job is to hear the populations desire to change office and go to referendum but since there is a lack of integrity this sector of the state falls in the section of a system that is not on the  list of values and virtuous that they should be following.
With the CNE running the voting system as it is being run, the people can clearly see that they are with the president , showing a noticeable favouritism and doing whatever they want them to do and remaking the rules in the constitution and manipulating them for their own benefit.
We can then conclude that the government running now the country of Venezuela is an anti-virtuous with a lack of integrity and a loss of the total human rights in general .


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