BP#2: How Donald Trump retooled his charity to spend other people’s money

Donald Trump was honored for an award by the Palm Beach Police Foundation for his “selfless support” for the charity. Although, none of the money donated to the cause was from his direct pocket. The Trump Foundation has been making donations by other members and Donald Trump has been taking credit for it. “In tax records, the last gift from Trump was in 2008. Since then, all of the donations have been other people’s money — an arrangement that experts say is almost unheard of for a family foundation” (Fahrenthold). Some companies that Trump claims he’s sent donations to don’t recall ever receiving a check from the Trump Foundation. In the past, “Trump spent $20,000 of money earmarked for charitable purposes to buy a six-foot-tall painting of himself” (Fahrenthold).

How can stand guilt-free being honored for another person’s actions? A person lacking integrity. This situation shows lack of integrity because other people submit donations to the Trump Foundation and he claims these as his own, giving the public the interpretation of him being charitable. “Trump has claimed that he gives generously to charity from his own pocket: “I don’t have to give you records,” he told The Post earlier this year, “but I’ve given millions away.” Efforts to verify those gifts have not succeeded, and Trump has refused to release his tax returns, which would show his charitable giving” (Fahrenthold). Trump believes he’s giving plenty, so in his mind he may not lack integrity. Although these sound like some bad character traits. If he showed proof, we’d see some consistency between his moral beliefs of donating to charity, but that might not exist anymore. If Trump owned up and admitted the money comes from other sources there wouldn’t be a problem, but taking the credit of other’s donations represents lacking integrity.



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