BP#1 When having power means that you’re untouchable

Not long ago two of the first lady’s nephews got arrested for drug trafficking. This two individual were making a trade in Haiti with some bigger dealers in the zone but were intercepted by the DEA on an undercover mission that was being planned for a couple of years. This two individual were linked directly with the first lady of Venezuela. They showed diplomatic passports and they asked for their immunity to charges. While next to them was an estimate of 8 tonnes of cocaine.
A couple few days after this incident happened the media started hitting hard on the relationship between the first lady and the president with the news, making the actual leaders of Venezuela directly related to drug trafficking.
A couple of months passed and no declarations of the president and the first lady appear until in January 2016 the first lady declare on national television that the DEA has to kidnap her nephews, and were in court in the US illegally. Making a direct link between her and her nephews and her with the drug cartel. But then they defend themselves saying that they don’t have any relationship with them whatsoever, but the media then hits them with photos of them going to china with the nephews.
A couple of years before Hugo Carvajal was arrested in Aruba for the same reasons, but then the Venezuelan government pushed it to a point where they got away with it and the drug lord got liberated.
Why did they have diplomatic passports? Who gave these individuals the privilege of having this important document and not using it correctly? Is the president related to a drug cartel or is part of one? This is all questions that come up to my mind as soon as I read this article and the stories that don’t appear on the news.

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/13/world/americas/venezuela-drug-trafficking-cocaine.html?_r=0


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