BP#1 Questions Over Melania Trump’s Speech Set Off Finger-Pointing

gop-2016-trumpFor my first blog, I decided to write my article on the controversy of Melania Trump’s speech given during the Republican National Convention, in the month of July.  Allegedly, Melania Trump’s speech was quite familiar, in the sense of resembling Michelle Obama’s speech delivered in 2008.  “The Republican Party woke up to a cascade of finger-pointing and confusion on Tuesday as the Trump’s convention speech had been cribbed from the one that Michelle Obama delivered to Democrats in 2008.”  I found this topic to be of interest due to my major being in Public Administration, as well as my interest in government/politics.  After reading this article, I concluded that ethics definitely played a major part and role in this controversy.  In cases such as this, you began to question the Trump family’s moral ethics and integrity.  To be more specific, I would compare this to the ethical concept of vices. Melania’s plagiarized speech, is considered to be immoral, dishonest, and ultimately disappointing.  Moving forward, I’d say someone’s virtues/ethics, morale, and integrity are all weighed heavily when looking for the next potential President. Personally, my interests in the next potential President would be someone who is genuine, original, and has the best motives for their country, United States.  My post is not made to slander the Trumps; for I am sure Hillary Clinton has done some unethical things herself.  However, my intent in blogging this article is to bring awareness to the importance of having good morals, virtues, and ethics as a next potential President.  I encourage everyone to do their own personal research on both candidates, and most importantly go vote!

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/20/us/politics/melania-trump-speech.html


5 thoughts on “BP#1 Questions Over Melania Trump’s Speech Set Off Finger-Pointing

  1. You forgot to mention who paid for the ad.

    All jokes aside, when looking at anyone to take up a leadership type position, we definitely have to look at what the people bring, not what they promise. It all boils down to what their core values are, and what they were taught.

    As McFall said, they are the most fundamental commitments that we have


  2. It’s funny that while pointing the finger at Mrs. Trump and portraying her as unethical, the article does not point out when Michelle Obama copied a speech not that long ago. I would hardly say this snafu holds a candle to Hillary Clinton and her lying, fines, and all around unethical components.


    1. Thank you for your comment and interests in this topic. The issue at hand isn’t “who acted ethically; but was the behavior ethical”. Two wrongs never make a right..


    2. This is true. While it is proven that no one has ever actually said anything original, there different ways of saying the same thing. You can say the same thing in different ways.

      See my point? We always want to point to who did it first, and who is wrong, but as wadech mentions in the comment under this one, it’s a matter of the behavior, not who did it. Personally, I don’t care who did it first, the action itself is ethically wrong, especially when you use it word for word as your own intellectual property

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