BP#1: How Expanding Medicaid Can Lower Insurance Premiums for All

Obamacare has been the highlighting topic of many news articles from the moment it was eligible for enrollment. Primarily, Obamacare’s main goal was to make health care nationally affordable and available. Specifically, Medicaid was significantly changing. Individuals who do not have health insurance, below the poverty level, and have low-income, are those whom Medicaid is aimed towards. In accordance to latest news, expansion of Medicaid in all states is underway. States that opt-in to expand Medicaid, assures governmental coverage to all individuals that earn below 133% of the current federal poverty level. Individuals who are below 100% of poverty level, typically have no option for subsidized coverage. In dispute, supporters say that those individuals with lower-income may not be able to work due to their health problems. Therefore, states that have expanded, Medicaid insurance premiums have decreased in cost; but states who have not expanded, showed more sick people in middle-class insurance polls and higher prices.

McFall and Calhoun both have their theory on integrity. However, I think that Calhoun’s integrity is more associated with this article. Calhoun says that acting with integrity, on one’s judgment, is intimately tied to protecting boundaries of the self; protecting against disintegration against loss of self-identity, and against pollution of evil. In my opinion, health insurance is vital in an individuals life, and with the new healthcare reform, etc., there has been issues that have put individuals health at risk. Therefore, individuals are worthy of self defense, in this case, because their health is worthy of value and the individual or “self” predominately has the best judgment when their health strikes concerns and is potentially at high risk. Also, Calhoun says that persons of integrity treat their own endorsements as ones that matter or ought to matter, to fellow deliberations; which completely sums up that whether an individual is low-income, middle-class, upper-class, or whichever socioeconomic status they are. An individual is able to make the decision whether healthcare matters in their life-whether that means they are currently ill now or not, the older an individual gets the more healthcare matters. So, it mainly is up to each person whether they care about their health and if it is worthy of importance in their life.



ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion


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