BP#1 Hope for Americans With Mental Illness

Hilary Clinton is trying to make something happen within the mental health community. She is trying to get congress to support and pay for a plan to help with the mental health of Americans that is greatly overlooked. It is still one of the biggest stigmas for someone to be treated or even diagnosed with a mental illness. She has pointed out that even thought it has gotten better that insurers have been required since 2008 to cover mental illness yet still haven’t been enforced to cover these physical ailments.

5.4 MILLION Americans have died from Alzheimer’s in 2016 alone so far. These are mental illnesses that need to be addressed and helped with. Hilary being in support of these issues is risky but important because prior to her, there has been little to no conversation about making this a big issue.

Not only is this a great idea, but it might actually save health care systems up to $48 billion a year. That is in time to come, but in the short term it would be up to an additional $50 million a year for suicide prevention on campuses like GVSU. Also, it would be $5 billion over the next 10 years to establish community health centers that would treat patients. But the amount of medication, time, deaths and so on that are already added costs currently, I think this is a very smart move and great thing to be behind. This issue is something that needs to be addressed by a monumental influencer within our generation.  When over 26% of Americans diagnosed with mental illness and ONE in FOUR Americans who suffer from these complications. I am not even a Hilary supporter but I think this is something that is a smart move for her and for our country.


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