BP #1: Toxic soil takes over East Chicago, Indiana

To sum up what took place in the East Side of Chicago, Mayor Anthony Copeland evicted an entire housing complex. The entire complex will be demolished in efforts to clean up dangerous levels of lead. In fact in the top six inches of soil there are 300 times the normal levels. Not only does the soil contain lead but high levels of arsenic. The area is located just north of a huge former U.S.S. lead smelting plant. To top it off the location adjacent to the area in question contains an elementary school. Back in 2008 the EPA fought for superfunding for nearby areas since inital funding was only focused on the plant. Removal of “hotspots” occured in 2008 and 2011. 

Citizens are being displaced since the area has been declared unsafe. Mothers are actually terrified of dirt and soil in their homes. Many are mopping with bleach water multiple times a day and keeping their children inside to play. The issue is that residents were only notified of this terror last month. This means since 2008 children have been playing outside, rolling around in lead and arsenic. How many children have suffered long term effects? Or strange illnesses that did not seem to have an origin? How many accidental deaths are on the hands of the elected officials and government agencies involved?

Govener Mike Pence, republican vice presental nominee ignored the whole situation. In fact, instead of visiting the community involved he was seen traveling with Donald Trump. They went to Baton Rouge, La. to speak with the victims of the flood. It is almost as if the Flint water crisis is happening again. Government agencies are taking this process extremely slow. However, the EPA (environmental protection agency) has taken action. Back in 2008 the first clean up took place by a third party, in 2009 the results came back and the EPA was not satisfied. The third party clean up crew was sued in 2009 on behalf of the unsatisfactory clean up. The EPAs efforts were nit all steadfast, as the next clean up took place in 2011. Again, residents were notified just last month. It sure is a sad time we live in, constantly being updated through social media and technology on superficial issues. However, vital and sometimes fatal information is not disclosed until a wistle blower steps in. Or the time comes in which a cover up story or PR stunt can no longer distract us from the truth.


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