BP#1 When the Barriers aren’t just Physical

Summary: A mother of a child with special needs, a wheelchair to be specific, needed to enroll this child into school. She did some research and wanted her child to be at a school with no physical barriers. This meaning that the wheelchair could go wherever the child needed to go without any restrictions this way her child was not being left out in any activity. She found a school with no barriers to her child’s needs but was a little bit of a drive out-of-town. Come to find out this school might have had no physical barriers but her child was being left out socially and not invited to play with the other children. When the mother explored schools closer she realized that although there might be physical barriers, her child would make friends closer to their neighborhood which would encourage friendships outside of school as well. Her child moved schools and was able to make friends even with the barriers.

Analysis: Ethically, schools shouldn’t have the option of not being barrier free physically. This causes mothers, like the one in this article, stress that they don’t need. Having to chose to send her child to a school in another community that was more adapt to her son and fit his needs only because he was special need is obscene. Families shouldn’t have to make this decision just because the schools offered in their community aren’t physically barrier free.
There should be more solid laws in place for school systems to make it so that children with special needs, such as a wheelchair, are just as able to go to an area in the school as any other child. Physical barriers in this day and age shouldn’t even be a question to mothers and fathers trying to choose which school system to put their child in. This is causing an unnecessary hurdle for children.

Not only are these barriers affecting them negatively in a physical way but they are causing an effect on the children emotionally as well. The mother talks about the stigmas and exclusion of her child even during the school day because he is labeled as a special needs child. This is a large enough barrier that special needs children have to break down. They shouldn’t have to fight for a barrier free community physically too.

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