BP#1: From Bikinis to Burkinis, Regulating What Women Wear


In the 1940s bikinis made their début across the world. Back then people were alarmed and skeptical of the new attire. Because of this, governments in various countries would regulate or ban women from wearing bikinis. Now, things are different and the government of France is banning women from wearing burkinis.

An article written by Alyssa J. Rubin, explains how men and societies have been regulating and controlling what women have worn throughout history and they are still doing it today. The article discusses how France beaches are now banning the burkini because of recent events that have happened in France that are associated to the Islam religion. It discusses the debate of whether or not the attire should be regulated and the after effects of regulation.

Why has this regulation become such a large discussion? Well, women’s clothing and rights in general have been regulated throughout history; however there have been great strides for equality among men and women. This topic has gotten vast attention because it is a step backwards for women’s rights. While many would argue that it should be allowed because of the recent terror attacks on France, the connection is not strong. It is not right to regulate what Muslim women wear to the beach because of terror attacks carried out by Islam extremists. Just because they have the same religion does not mean they are both connected to the attacks. Lastly, why would France’s government officials think it is right to just regulate Muslim women? Why would they not regulate both men and women? Why regulate anyone at all?

It goes against the rights of the citizens and the rights of women as a whole. France should find a different way to adjust and express their anger towards the Islam extremists without demeaning and demoralizing innocent Muslim women.


One thought on “BP#1: From Bikinis to Burkinis, Regulating What Women Wear

  1. The policing of women’s bodies seems to be an ever prevalent issue. Either a woman is wearing to few articles of clothing, or they are dressed too much. It is a never ending battle. This article and summary are incredibly interesting because it calls into question not only the rights of women to dress in a certain way, but it also sheds light on incredible racism as well. In short, people are scared. They are scared of a religion that they do not fully understand. It is disturbing to realize that in a world where we have made so many advances, we are still being held back by sexism and stereotypes. Personally I feel that a woman should be able to dress any way that she pleases. From my understanding, in the Islamic faith, women choose to wear a hijab or burka because it is a physical representation of their devotion to modesty, in reverence to Allah. This is a beautiful and bold choice, especially when this choice subjects these women to ridicule and scrutiny on a daily basis.


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