BP#1 Ending The Cycle That Allows Privilege To Go To Privileged

The only way it seems like you can get a good internship is from who you know. That person may want that internship but can they actually do something good with the knowledge that they learn from that internship? Do they have the potential of holding a full time job at that organization once the internship has ended? They are hogging the spot of someone who applies to countless internships and the hunger for knowledge and advancement in their career field while the other intern is just going to his or her aunt’s house to ask her for a position at her office. No effort, no formal interview, no background check, no learning how to apply for a full-time job down the road. That family member may work in that intern’s desired career field but they should be treated just like any other applicant that is applying for the position. I was that person who does not know anyone in my career field and I had to research, apply and interview for my own internship, 3 internships to be exact. Having to do that on my own gave me the confidence I can use when I need to start interviewing for my big girl job after college. Out of those 3 internships, only one of them was paid and not paid very well. I have learned to adapt to not having that income while in school and it has helped me budget. All things that will come in handy when it is time for me to grow my own wings and fly. I agree with the article because the struggles have shaped me into the young, successful adult I am today. Everyone deserves the opportunity but not the advantage.


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