BP #1: Wind Potential

When I imagine wind, I think of strolling along a beach on a storm covered day, with gusts of wind pushing and tugging at my body.  What an amazing force wind is. You cannot see it, but it has the ability to do so much.


I recently came across an article in The New York Times called  America’s First Offshore Wind Farm May Power Up a New Industry. This article covered the first offshore wind farm in the United States. Click here to read full article Wind Power.

Block Island, Road Island is the home to five offshore turbines that are set to power 17,000 residential homes. These turbines were placed off shore due to the high probability of strong steady wind occurrence which in turn could create a steady amount of renewable energy. The article continues, hitting on the subject of attempted offshore wind farms, land based wind farms,  costs of constructing these amazing machines, and their abilities.

This article got me thinking, the creation of a wind farm is an ingenious idea. Using the magical force of wind to create our electricity. How clean does that sound? The idea of clean energy sounds appealing to most, however I am an advocate for wind turbines because it promotes keeping our environment as clean and natural as possible. If the Block Island wind farm is successful it could create a domino affect of wind farms popping up all across America. More wind farms mean the generation of an immense amount of clean energy to power our cities, homes, and businesses.

While I consider this idea to have an overwhelming amount of benefits, with any new project comes criticism and negative aspects too. Although the benefits outshine the latter,  it would be narrow minded to overlook the disadvantages. One of the downsides to wind turbines is that it is introducing a foreign object to our environment that may harm the sea floor or sea life. One may also consider that these vehicles of energy may have an excessive amount of maintenance or other unforeseen mechanical issues involved. With any new idea comes the opportunity of backlash from people who are afraid of change.

These uncharted ideas are revealing a new reality for a  future of a healthier, and  in my opinion, better world.



One thought on “BP #1: Wind Potential

  1. I find this topic very interesting. I do think it would be beneficial to use more wind farms to create electricity for everyday use. It seems like it would be better for the envoirnment to use wind farms as an alternative. Although, it could effect the economy in strange ways. I agree with you that people generally are against change, but that good things could come from this change.

    Well done!


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