BP #1 HP’s CMO Antonio Lucio came out… as a feminist

HP has a call to action to get more women and minorities in key creative and strategy roles.

HP’s CMO Antonio Lucio sent out a letter to its company’s  5 advertising and public relations agencies demanding that they each submit a plan within the next 30 days on how to burst diversity in higher leadership positions for the upcoming year. Specifically, his expectations are that the companies have a makeup of 50% women and 30% POCs (people of color). If the companies don’t lay out a serious plan, or don’t submit one at all, then there could be serious consequences — including removal from HP’s roster.

Yet, why the sudden change of heart? Easy answer is that companies are slacking behind and are hiring too many white men. Another win for white privilege. It’s always been a hot button issues. Madison Square has been under fire for decades about this kind of scrutiny. It’s been quiet for  awhile, and yet now with a number of incidents with sexual harassment and racist behavior, it’s starting that flame again.

Lucio has said that the advertising business has a “poor score” already in diversity. Even though women make up about half of the advertising industry, they only make up 11.5% of its creative directors, according to the 3% conference.

With this lack of diversity, it’s starting to show a company’s darker side. How many times have you seen a company’s scapegoat come out and apologize for its “unintended racist and/or sexist commercial.” Now that isn’t enough anymore, a better and more permanent solution needs to be found. There obviously isn’t enough women or minorities in the final draft room to saw “hey maybe that isn’t a good idea… maybe we should do it this way.”

So maybe if the companies actually listen to Lucio and follow his same mind path, then maybe they wouldn’t be under the microscope so much for being racist or sexist.


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