BP#1 : Is The Use of Artificial Intelligence Moral?

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/02/technology/artificial-intelligence-ethics.html?ref=business

Research regarding (A.I.) or artificial intelligence has increased at an astounding rate in the last decade. With the increasing use of A.I. a few questions come into play. How much do we trust A.I. with? How do we control the morality of A.I.? Human interaction with robots and computers has become a more frequent occurrence, but many people question whether it is beneficial for society or if it is heading towards a path of societal destruction. There are more and more automated systems that are showing up in stores, gas stations, and many other businesses. Automated systems and A.I. create a more convenient method of business for both the company and the customers, but at the same time takes away jobs from humans.

While there are many positives that come from the research and development of A.I., there are several people who would claim that it is hurting our society more than it is helping it. Many would argue that A.I. machines are taking away jobs from human beings. The question that arises from the implementation of A.I. in businesses is whether or not it is ethical to continue to develop machines to take away jobs from humans. The bigger tech companies that develop and research artificial intelligence are on a mission to develop regulations that do not hinder the researcher’s development of new products, but at the same time protect humans from being harmed or replaced by A.I. Ethically it seems wrong to take away a person’s job and replace them with a machine, but from a business standpoint it makes sense because using automated machines allow for a higher profit in the long term. Until this issue is collaborated on and a decision is made it will continue to pose an issue for society, business, and employees.

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