BP#1 Fiat Chrysler Announces Another Recall…

This article published by The New York Times, and written by Bill Vlasic talks about yet another recall of over 1.1 million cars by Fiat Chrysler.  The recall was due to a problem with the driver not properly using the transmission.  These newer model vehicles don’t shift like the older model vehicles most people are used to.  Instead, now these cars have a stationary shifter. To check if your vehicle is in park, neutral, or drive, you would have to check the dashboard for what gear you are in.  This has caused many drivers to turn their car off while still being in neutral, reverse, or drive, and has resulted in numerous injuries.

Recalling these vehicles was a very good idea ethically for the face of Fiat Chrysler, to show that they care about the safety of their consumers.  This seems like a very silly problem, but with so many automobile recalls in past two years these car companies can’t afford to keep this up.  People will eventually lose trust in the automobile manufacturer and switch to a different car company.   The problem with this recall is mainly due to driver error, but this problem should have been thought of before mass production of these vehicles.  Fiat Chrysler’s design team and engineers should have thought of all the possible consequences that changing the way we shift our car could have on our safety.  Since so many people are not used to shifting their car in a different manner, Fiat Chrysler should have done more public product testing.  This would have shown them the flaws in the vehicle before it was mass produced and before it caused over 100 accidents.  Overall, Fiat Chrysler realized they had designed and engineered something that people are not used.  They saw that it could cause harm to the consumer and recalled the vehicle before more injuries could occur.


Source:   http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/23/business/fiat-chrysler-announces-recall-of-1-1-million-autos.html?_r=0


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