BP#12 Doctor Refuses To Treat Baby of same sex couple


Doctor in Roseville rejects same sex couple baby. It  all started Last September when two mothers were recommended to a doctor from their midwife. Dr.Vesna Roi, a pediatrics in Roseville. When Dr. Roi seen who her patients was she refer them to another doctor when the baby was born. The doctor felt that it was morally unethical for her to serve the couple. Is her decision ethical?

This issue conflicts with John K. Davis conscientious refusal and doctors. The ethical view on this issue is that a doctor can refuse service for a patient if it goes against it moral views. However, upon refusal the doctors has to make sure the patient will be in the same predicament if they never came to the doctor to began with. So, the doctor is able to refer them to a different doctor that might not have the same moral belief.

In that sense, Dr. Roi is not morally wrong. She refuse service because the couple conflicts with her moral backgrounds. Furthermore, she was able to help relocate the couples to a doctor that can help them.

Despite the doctor staying true to the conscientious refusal, morally I think she is wrong. The baby has nothing to do with her parents decision. The baby doesn’t even know what can be consider morally wrong for some people and morally wrong for others. I believe the doctor fail to up hold a moral sense of virtue upholding her beliefs.


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