BP#12 Apple finding a new way to “go green”

Greenwashing is something all companies and organizations need to avoid, especially when trying to keep the most honest relationship possible with their consumer base. This year Apple has developed a number of different green initiatives. Some of them being new solar energy plans in China, and their recent announcement of 93% of Apple’s facilities being powered by reusable energy. The newest green initiative that Apple is working on is called “Apps for Earth”. According to an article in The Washington Post, the App store will feature 27 popular apps with added environmental content for Earth Day, for 10 days. Money that is spent on buying these apps with support the World Wildlife Fund and will have different features and messages to raise awareness for going green.

Apple’s VP for environment said, “They [customers] love the work apple is doing as a company, but they want to be engaged in this mission of leaving the planet better than we found it.”

I think the way that Apple is currently going about selling their brand as “green” to their customers is being done in way that Carson would find ethical. Apple is not stating that they are a “green” brand, but then concealing and/or withholding information on their green initiatives. The company is actually selling the brand as green that can easily be understood by their customers. There doesn’t have to be any intense informing/teaching done in order for customers to understand the company’s environment friendly efforts. Yes, there are other ways the company is “going green” and information about these efforts is available to customers. But, by selling the green brand through this new app initiative, customers can be made sure that the company is not lying about stating they are going green. Because of the customer friendly ways that apple as gone about selling the brand as green, their sales efforts can be seen as ethical.


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