BP #12 Zika Virus/General Health

I was going through the  health section of the New York Times and noticed that there are many areas that could be directly related to our class discussion on obligations for sales people. One that particularly stuck out to me what all the discussion on the Zika Virus, which is a virus transmitted through a zika (mosquito) and can have harmful effects to pregnant women and their babies. We as consumers and citizens of this country that the health professionals and health product sales people are leading us in the right direction. It can be difficult to figure out what to believe in regards to the health field, there’s always one person telling you to do something one way, meanwhile someone else telling you something completely different. We often put our trust in health professionals and even sales people who are selling health products/vitamins/medication that they have our best interest at heart and will not steer us the wrong way. It would be extremely difficult because of lack of time and resources that as consumers to be an expert on all products and especially understanding everything there is to know about new virus’s such as the Zika Virus. It would be unethical and unfair for a consumer that a salesperson would deliberately try and up sell a product, sell a faulty product or mislead someone as to what product they should buy. People should not have to live in fear about putting their trust into someone who is supposed to be an expert on a product and. In Carson’s point of view, he states, don’t sell anything you wouldn’t want sold to you. This follows the golden rule of do onto others as you would want them to do onto you. If all sales people were to follow this rule, there would be little to no complications in receiving bad products, ineffective products or a product that would potentially be harmful.



Zika Virus

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