BP #12 Yahoo Buyers Know Nothing of the Company

NY Times

The final article that I chose to write about comes from California where Yahoo is currently located. Yahoo will soon be going up for auction with many other companies wanting to bid on it including Verizon and The Daily Mail company. One of the problems the bidders are facing is that they aren’t really sure of what exactly they’re buying into. Most of what they know besides the given public information is that Yahoo is a declining company. They are keeping most of their financial details under wraps for whatever reason in which case a lot of buyers that were interested previously such as Google, are now leaning towards backing out of the soon to be bidding war. Some of these companies that are reluctant to buy are figuring that Yahoo is doing much worse than they’ve previously disclosed before.

This has a lot to do with what we recently read about with Thomas Carson’s descriptions of concealing information and caveat emptor. The fact that Yahoo isn’t willing to disclose information about their companies potential problems and recent downfall sets up major red flags with how they’re going about trying to sell the company. Yahoo shows a great example of concealing information by purposely not giving any information to potential buyers on the problem. For the fact that it’s general knowledge that yahoo is failing should give them the reason to show caveat emptor to these companies who possibly want to bid and buy this company. Yahoo should have the good conscience to include information with the sale of their company in order for the potential buyer to have at least some chance of building the company back up.


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