BP 12 Microsoft sues over law banning tech firms from telling customers about data requests


Yesterday, an article was released about how Microsoft is trying to have a law stricken down to help inform their customers when their data has been accessed by the government. Microsoft believes that their customers should be informed when their personal data is used in government research.

In the past 18 months, over 2,600 orders have prevented Microsoft from telling their customers about the data use in criminal probes and of those 2,600 roughly 2,750 have no end date. This means that the government can constantly review the data through this customers account and see everything that this person is doing. Microsoft believes that this violates the customers’ Fourth Amendment right that a search be reasonable.This fight is just one of two major tech company vs the government in the last couple months. Along with Apple, Microsoft is really trying to protect its users.

After talking about the Holley and Carson views I believe that these customers are not being fully informed on the product that they are using. These companies should be alerting customers that there is a possibility that the government could possibly access their data and Microsoft can not currently alert the user due to legal problems. By informing the customer on the topic Microsoft my get some more backing from the community to push this secret data review into the light so all can see. This is very important information because this event may cause Microsoft to lose some customers due to the possibility of customer data being searched. Customers may just hold onto their own data or find some other company that can withhold the data from the government much like apple.


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