BP #12 F.B.I Hacking Not So New?


We are all familiar with the Apple/IPhone encryption issue that has recently been resolved.  It turns out that this is not the first time that a case like this has appeared.  In fact, the F.B.I had a secret “Operation Trail Mix” back in 2003.  It involved an animal welfare group that was believed to be sabotaging a company that used animals for testing.  After months of intercepting emails and phone calls, they came to a road block due to encryption software that the company as using, similar to the iPhone.  Under the radar, the government agency was able to get a judge to allow them to install software on the groups computers, enabling them to get past the encryption.  As this case has just recently surfaced, I find it very interesting in comparison to the recent fiasco.

This is a situation in which the government and the judge were not lying or concealing things, but rather withholding information from the public and from the group into which they were hacking.  The investigation was completely undercover, and I believe rightfully so.  The intentions were not malicious, and what I would classify as utilitarian because their actions were to promote goodness, well being, and legal behavior.  The group that was doing the sabotaging failed to exercise due care in their actions and were acting under malicious obedience.  The F.B.I was able to successfully catch and punish them as they deserved.




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