B.P 12: Microsoft Sues the Justice Department

To anyone buying software from really anyone the mentality should be buyer beware, because big brother is always watching. The story goes back in 2007 under the orders of the Bush administration Microsoft received a Gag order to disclose and release information about its users, the software company complied and from then on the government could see in the emails if it’s users. However, on April 14 newspapers across America received word that Microsoft was going to sue the Justice Department because they are fed up  (pun intended) with the government severance.


From September 2014- March 2016, Microsoft received 5,624 federal demands for them to release customer data information, and nearly have of those orders–2,576–had secrecy orders piggybacked on them. That means not only did they have to disclose the information to the government, they could not tell people they were doing it or face federal prosecution. With the recent government break on the iPhone case, they can now get into more of our most use technology without the use of a warrant. So let the buyer beware and buy at the own risk, because the ever watchful eye of the government will be there. It is up to the customer to stay informed on this topic, because the government wants the tech users to remain ignorant on the matter so they can keep collecting as much data as possible. The tech companies are now starting to inform their users, but untimely it is up to us–the consumers of said tech to be ever vigilant when using this technology.





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