BP #11 France Passes New Law on Prostitution


On Wednesday, April 6, 2016, France’s Parliament passed a bill to discourage the business of prostitution by penalizing anyone who pays for sexual pleasures.  The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, tweeted a message, addressing the vote as “a major advance” for women’s rights, because it discourages the violence and abuse done to women.  Offenders can be fined anywhere from +/-$1,700-$4,300.

Another large part of this law offers prostitutes, who wish to leave the sex business, housing, as well as funding for training in other career fields.  It is estimated that France has between 20,000 to 40,000 prostitutes, so as this is a large goal, it is both feasible and for the betterment of the country, and women.

In the typical relationship between a prostitute and their client, the client holds a paternal position in the relationship.  They control just about all of the exchanged behavior, because the money deems it acceptable, if not required.  This behavior is very unprofessional, but the new law has made a large stride in correcting this problem.

Parliament, being held at one of the highest positions of power in France, intervened by taking the place as a fiduciary.  This labels them as the governing power in the safety of women in the sex trade.  The law was passed with women’s best interest at heart, as well as that of everyone else’s.




One thought on “BP #11 France Passes New Law on Prostitution

  1. I agree that these laws discourage malpractice within this questionable and unhealthy field of work. It is complicated to know whether most if not all prostitutes are doing what they do out of coercion, but these laws discourage the cycle of coercion and dangerous client- professional relationships


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