BP 11 Food waste issue worsening


According to a study in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, we are producing much more food than we need. The excess food is being completely wasted, not even going to the people who face starvation in their daily lives. Though it is horrifying that the food is simply thrown out as opposed to feeding the hungry, the larger issue at hand is the massive damage the production of wasted food is having on our environment. The United Nations Agricultural Organization reported that emissions necessary to produce all this wasted food totaled 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide. Studies show that these emissions wasted on unused food will only grow. Meat takes a high amount of resources to sustain, and it is predicted that meat will only become more prevalent in peoples diet. According to this article “So much of poverty and famine aren’t about a lack of resources overall — they’re just distributional problems”.

With this information in mind, when we think of business relationships, there is always a level of accountability or a concentration of authority dealt to the client or the professional. If we frame this issue in this sense of accountability and responsibility, it is clear that there is a failure to act in a way that is beneficial to the client or the professional.  The business profiting from producing food are benefiting, however even they are failing to appeal to good will, or duty. They only seek short term monetary benefit, and are not taking into account the damage they are doing to the environment. According to Kant, goodness cannot come from acting in impulse, even if that impulse accidentally coincides with goodness. It is clear that the over production of food is a impulse industry, feed by the over consumptive masses, for no other reason than convenience, and a false sense of entitlement, to have any food at any time, even if you only eat 10% of it. This issue reflects a failure of the masses to pursue the good will. it also reflects how businesses are being run with no attempt to be fiduciary, or responsible in any way.


One thought on “BP 11 Food waste issue worsening

  1. I agree food waste is a huge problem in America especially. I know at my job at the end of the night we have to throw all the extra food away and if you keep it yourself or give it to the homeless and hungry even you will get in trouble. It is silly that we not only throw away food that could be helping others but we are harming ourselves in the process by allowing the food to emit such toxic pollution.


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