BP #11

In Italy, laws state that abortion is legal within 90 days of pregnancy in normal circumstances, and later in cases of women in mental or physical danger, or in cases of serious fetal pathologies. While laws state abortion is legal, around 70 percent of gynecologists will not perform them as they are conscientious objectors to the law. most claim that they wont perform them for religious of personal reasons.  According to Davis, when a doctor refuses to treat a patient, they are supposed to compensate the patient so they are no worse off for seeing them. This also assumes that the doctor sees the procedure as morally wrong, but not wrong enough that they should prevent the patient from having the procedure done. In this case, because abortions are only legal for 90 days, time is a critical factor; therefore the doctor would be expected to refer the patient to someone who could perform the procedure in time that the abortion could still be done within 90 days of pregnancy. Another issue to consider is whether a vast majority of doctors wont perform abortions,  because then the patient would be likely to be refused an abortion no matter what doctor they went to. while 70 percent of doctors is a majority, Davis believes the majority should be closer to 90 percent if the doctor isn’t required to refer the patient. In the case that a doctor thinks a procedure is so wrong that they shouldn’t allow it to happen at all, a doctor also isn’t required to compensate the patient at all. This is the view that many who don’t support abortion have; they see abortion as equivalent to murder.


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