B.P. 11: Patient secretly records doctors

Last year A lady Named Ethel Easter wanted nothing more to get surgery because she had experienced over one hundred abdominal attacks within a 24-hour time spine. These attacks were caused by a hiatal hernia in her abdomen and gave her great pain. Easter wanted nothing more to schedule the surgery as soon as possible, however, that would not be the case for the doctors scheduled it two months after her requested date. She was in such pain and cried saying that she could not wait that long. Later on,she went to her family doctor where Easter was informed that the surgeon had put red flags in her account and marked her as a “problem” because she had a “bad attitude.” It was time for Easter’s surgery and she had a bad feeling so she brought in a recording device listen to what the Doctors say whilst she is under. They started to call her a problem, saying they feel bad about her husband, she was a handful, and recanted about Easter calling a lawyer.

Easter could have gone to a new doctor, but it might have taken even longer for her to get the surgery. Whereas, if the surgeon would have seen the survey of her situation he could have bumped up the time or given her to a new doctor that would do the surgery much earlier. This model fails Davis’ Conscientious Refusal because the doctor did nothing to help the patient get the surgery earlier, nor, did he pass her on to someone else who they knew that would deal with the patient. If the doctor marked red flags in her account, it would have been wise to issue her a different doctor.




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