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Blog Posts/Ethics Journal

Each student in the class is required to have a class-specific Word Press blog (if you already have a WordPress blog you will create a new one for the course). You are also required to follow and comment on at least one of your classmates’ posts each week. For each assigned blog post you must post an ethics analysis of a current news item (appearing in your source within the past week). Your post must include a link to the original source of the new item (your newspaper of choice). Below the link give a brief summary of the situation. Then provide an extended analysis of the situation using concepts learned in class. Each post should consist of approximately 40% summary and 60% ethical analysis. While we are building and refining our ethical knowledge you may choose to focus on common ethical concepts such as rights (e.g., workers’ rights, patients’ rights, consumers’ rights), duties (e.g., a business’ duties to its shareholders/stakeholders, a physician’s duties to her patients, a journalist’s duties to tell the truth or not disclose confidential sources), obligations, virtues (e.g., honesty, charity, etc.), vices (e.g., greed, dishonesty, etc.), justice/fairness (e.g., discrimination, social injustice, disproportionate retributive justice, etc.). In your blog post explain how the concept(s) apply to the situation and how a better knowledge of these concepts could have improved the situation.


Additional guidelines:

  • Each post is due by 10AM on the day it is due.
  • No late blog posts will be accepted.
  • Begin the title of each post with the BP#
  • Your speech topic and speech recording are posts additional to your running blog posts. Title these posts “Speech Topic” and “Speech Recording” respectively.
  • Your posts should refer to at least one recent reading from the textbook.
  • You are not permitted to blog on a topic/ news story someone else has already posted to Word Press unless your ethical analysis is significantly different (focuses on different issues or disagrees about the issues) from the existing post
  • Your blog posts must be 250-300 words in length.
  • Your blogs are a very important because they will also inform your individual speeches and group project.
  • Try to focus on new items in your intended career path. Many newspapers will have sections dedicated to health news, public policy, technology, business, etc. A good resource for your blog posts will be the Opinion pages of the newspaper.

Winter 2017 Projects

Workplace Discrimination

BP #10: Boycotting Bill O’Rielly (Kantian ethics)

Source: Democracy Now

The number of advertisers boycotting Bill O’Rielly’s Fox show has increased to at least 53 following an outbreak of women coming forward with claims of sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual behavior by O’Rielly. According to the source, O’Rielly and the network paid out over $13 million to settle the lawsuits of five women. Using the concepts of Kantian ethics, we can decide if the action of boycotting Fox network for the right reasons.

According to Kantian ethics, intentions are everything. An intention is good if it is rational, and if it is done out of respect or duty to the moral law. If an action is motivated by some other inclination or contingent factor besides out of respect for the moral law, it is not a just action. One way to judge if an intention is just, is to test it using the universal law formulation, which tests if the action can be rationally required of everyone. If the action becomes self-defeating, than it fails the test.

Advertisers are boycotting the O’Rielly Factor on Fox news network because of the numerous reports of sexual assault, the networks attempt to cover them up, along with other allegations of racial animus and discrimination, and a hostile work environment. Standing up against these injustices and refusing to work with a person and program which is racist, discriminatory and has committed numerous sexual harassment cases against women is definitely acting from a moral duty.  Despite what the results are, which could be a potential loss of profit for advertisers, their intentions are good. If everyone were to do these actions, it would not be self-defeating.  These advertisers are doing what any rationally thinking person should do.

BP #6: Cops Parking Illegally

Here is the link for anyone interested.

Some of the topics I covered in my other blog posts were kind of serious, so this time I’m going to talk about something that in the larger scheme of things isn’t that bad.

Down in Miami, Florida, a U.S. active-duty Army major, Glen Carr, has reported over 100 cases of Miami police cars parked illegally in the city. Each report contains photographic proof that the car is indeed parked illegally. I have to give this guy some respect just on what he says about the subject, “It’s not like I’m against them. I just want them to be better at what they do. I feel they don’t hold each other accountable.”

Again, this issue pales in comparison to some of the other things that are currently happening in the world. However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be completely ignored. Comparing this to Kant’s concept of the “Good Will,” this example can be used to highlight the important difference between doing things for duty and doing things from duty.

To explain this distinction further, acting for duty means that you would be acting not because the action is correct or “good,” but because you have some other inclination or motivation to do so. The police officers that have parked their cars illegally are acting for duty, using their power in a way that isn’t inherently good, but because it provides them convenience in their daily life.

Acting from duty means that you are acting because the action is the right thing to do, and you have no ulterior motive or inclination. If these police officers had to park illegally in order to help somebody, that would be an action from duty. Major Carr is trying to show us that these officers who are parked illegally aren’t acting from duty because their actions aren’t done solely for “good”.

This is a very small concern in the grand scheme of things, but it’s not one that takes a lot of effort to resolve. I applaud Major Carr for bringing this issue to light because it shows an abuse of power that sometimes goes unnoticed. Again, a quote from Major Carr that shows why this issue should be resolved, “I was able to show my daughter, hey, they were wrong; the police can be wrong too. But they have to be accountable.”

Thank you for reading this, if you have any questions for comment feel free to reply below!

Fall 2016 Final Projects

  1. Robot Ethics

  1. Marijuana Legalization

  1. Sports Governance Organizations

  1. Assisted Suicide

  1. Business Corruption

  1. Hyper-segregation

  1. Artificial Intelligence

  1. Business Management & Culture

  1. Syrian Refugee Crisis

  1. Pharmaceutical Pricing

  1. Energy & Environment

  1. Ethics of Data Mining

  1. Autonomous Machines

  1. Business Ethics

  1. Business Ethics- Advertisement

  1. Civil Rights- Death Penalty

  1. Civil Rights- Policing

Fall 2015 Projects

Syrian Refugee Crisis


Corporate Social Responsibility


Workers’ Rights


Corporate Philanthropy


Maternity Leave


Corporate Duty of Veracity




Advertising Ethics


Ethics of Social Media Policies


Ethics of Policing Technology


Responsibilities of Coaches and Trainers


Immigration Crisis


Should College Athletes be Paid?


Blog Post #1 – Autobiography

I discovered my love of math when I took my very first Algebra class in Middle School. Walking into eighth grade math was scary because up to that point, it had been fun and simple. My teacher was immediately a hit on the first day of class and from then on, I was so excited for math class every day. His approach to teaching made learning hard problems and equations less challenging by being active with the class and encouraging lots of participation. I became a student who always wanted to be called on to give the answer because his teaching style gave me confidence in myself and what I was learning.

Once I was in high school, classes became very tough for me. I’ve never been the type of student who school came easy to. I’ve also been very slow at test taking and had very high anxiety when things become difficult for me; I was very lucky to have the teacher I did. I was fortunate enough to have this teacher twice in my four years of high school and he became not only my favorite teacher, but a role model to me. I started my Freshman year with him in Geometry class- I was terrible at Geometry. I was immediately overwhelmed and ready to give up almost as soon as we started learning material. He noticed quickly that I was frustrated with myself and unable to keep up with the class, so he took the time to meet with me individually to see where he could help. In a nutshell, it ended up being a very successful year for me. My teacher tailored his way of teaching a little differently for me, because he understood my needs and the best way for me to learn.

Once I moved up to a College Prep Algebra class, I was excited to find out my teacher from Geometry was the instructor. I loved Algebra and already knew I was good at it, so it was a great transition for me. I was able to have the subject that I loved the most with my favorite teacher!

As you can see, math has always been a subject that I’ve enjoyed. I succeeded even in the type of math I disliked because of the way it was taught. The teachers that I’ve had in all of my math classes with have cared most about my success individually and made me love some of the topics I never thought I would!

I didn’t know until recently, that I wanted to make an impact on students the way I was impacted. I started college majoring in the medical field, to recently find out it wasn’t the path for me. I haven’t had any college experience with math up until this past semester, but I love it so far and have never been able to connect so well with material like I do with math. I hope to one day make my students as successful as I was in high school and prepare them for all that comes next. I want to be so much more than a teacher- a role model as well.